National Poetry Competition 2008 - Commended for 'The Minister as a Horse'.

Bridport Prize 2008 - Shortlisted

Bridport Prize 2009 - Highly Commended for 'Ultrasonic Mouse Deterrent'.

National Poetry Competition 2020 - Longlisted. 

South Downs Poetry Festival Competition 2021 - Highly Commended for 'Crundale Buckle'.

South Downs Poetry Festival Competition 2021 - First Prize for 'Wild Boars'.

Bridport Prize 2021 - Shortlisted.

Verve Poetry Festival Competition 2022 - Commended.

Ver Poets Competition 2022 - two poems selected for competition anthology 


City Lighthouse Poetry Anthology (tall-lighthouse) 2009

City State: New London Poetry (Penned in the Margins) 2009

Days of Roses Anthology 1 (edited by Declan Ryan & Malene Engelund 2011)

An Anthology of Aphex Twin Poetry (Broken Sleep Books, edited by Rishi Dastidar & Aaron Kent, 2022)

Swapping the Present for a Future: The Verve Anthology of Beginnings (Verve, edited by Caroline Bird, 2022)

Magazines/ Journals

Last Entry appeared in Other Poetry

After the Bombs appeared in Stand.  

Red Kite at a Football Match appeared in Poetry Wales.

The Fascination appeared in Fuselit.  

The Return of My Father appeared in Ambit.  

Miso Soup appeared in Poetry London (Issue 63)

Something Not Quite Placed, The Great Debate and Yes, I Have Compared You to a Goat appeared in Poetry London (Issue 66).  

Natural Forces appeared in Iota.  

After the Clinking of Glasses appeared in Dreamcatcher.

Erno Goldfinger Moves into Balfron Tower, Tenancy Decant, and, Rent Man’s Note appeared in City State: New London Poetry (Penned in the Margins) 

Gaudi’s Workshop, June 6th 1926 appeared in The Wolf.   

Meat appeared in Magma.